City Gate: Attraction and Talking points

City Gate located directly at the junction of the Jalan Sultan & Beach Rd, has quickly become one of the biggest hotspots of the city of Singapore. Beach Road itself was a pretty deserted place altogether. So, when the plan for making a huge, residential, dining and shopping unit in one package was executed, it changed the area for the better. Better how? This article strives to discuss just that.

city gate attraction and talking points


As mentioned before, it is basically a shopping mall, dining centre and a huge residential unit all packed in one. The result? City Gate! There are 3 storeys just dedicated for the shopping malls. The dining halls are also placed in each floor amongst the shops. This makes for a great combo, since shopping can make anyone feel hungry right?
As far as the residential building is concerned, there are approximately 311 residential units inside the building. Each unit has condo facilities available as well. There are also commercial units available in the building, which are approximately 188 in total. Each room is also 3 metres tall in height, so it provides a great opportunity for commercial people to showcase their goods in the grandest of fashions.

Talking points

The fact that City Gate is located in one of the busiest junctions in the whole city gives a vibrant feeling to life inside of this great infrastructure.
The view that can be seen from the building here is simply heavenly to say the least. From the view of the sea to that of the tall buildings in the distance, you will find it all.
The fact that there is a Sky Park available here also adds to the features of this place.


So, as you can clearly tell, City Gate is attracting a lot of people in Singapore, and for the right reasons as well. Not only is it grand in stature, but the fact that it has been executed with so much planning and finesse, simply adds to its reputation.