Real estate search – a change of view

The bad neighborhood

My family consists of my wife and 2 kids. We have lived in the worst sort of neighborhoods, where there is an excess of domestic dispute, crime and other such un-parliamentary activities. We have enough money to go around but we are not exactly lavishly spending. We are not well versed with the neighborhood before renting a house there and then we realize too late. We have moved a number of times because of these issues and we continue to move. We have been unfortunate for quite some time but recently we came into some money when my brother struck rich in the real estate business. I suppose fortune favors those who suffer. My brother got hold of a good real estate agency and we started to discuss about buying a new home.

The good neighborhood

Being a first time home buyer we were quite nervous of the Endeavour but with the help of my brother and the agent we were able to build confidence and start to look out for possible houses. He asked us the requirements we wanted and also gave us an in-depth understanding about how the real estate marker worked. We were able to ask the necessary questions and felt quite well informed in the end of the discussion. Our main requirement was a good neighborhood meaning a good school, a secure environment and a good community. We checked the selling rates of comparable homes in our area so we can expect what to pay. We also checked what sort of mortgage we will have to pay and took the best one available. We went to the open house and negotiations were made. In a few short weeks we were able to buy a good house in a great neighborhood. This was probably one of the most efficient ways to buy a house and we are happy with the result.