Sturdee Residences: Offering modern homes for families

Everyone likes to live in a home which offers as much privacy as possible while allowing the freedom to access all the possibilities of recreation, commerce and social interaction. You should be able find an escape in your home from all the worries of the outside world. Sturdee Residences offer that delightful escape with the comfort of a home that you can relish. It is spread over an area of 65,790 sq.ft. It is expected to be completed completely by 2023 and is being developed by Sustained Land. The condos will have a tenure of 99 years.

sturdee residences offering modern homes for families

The noisy neighbours

There is nothing more disturbing and exhausting than a neighbour who just cannot prevent his curiosity from getting the best of him. However, at Sturdee Residences we discourage such practices by making sure that the lavishly furnished and fitted home of yours provides you privacy by keeping out the outside world.

Not to be considered reclusion

There is a difference between wanting to have privacy in your life and wanting to be simply away from others. The fun activities that are promoted in the complex of Sturdee Residences actually entice the resident from coming out of his or her home and either enjoying a swim in the pool or play a sport.

Privacy is valuable

In today’s world, privacy is a valuable commodity but the condominiums at Sturdee Residences offer it in multitudes of ways. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the high-rising buildings that make the city skyline. There is a meditation pavilion that can help you concentrate. If you are a daily commuter then it is important for you to know that the condo is very close to the Farrer Park MRT Station. There is a second station is coming up and will be hopefully completed by 2017. You can view latest project update at